Retire to comfort, security and graceful living in the heart of Nagpur.

SOHAM – where ageing can be the start of a new carefree chapter in your life.......

The first of its kind in Central India, Soham is a cluster of fully furnished studio apartments emphasising on providing a wholesome living environment to the elderly. It is more like a retirement resort than a senior living facility.


1. Can I bring some furniture to Soham?
No. our rooms are fully furnished. You may bring your clothes, toiletries, towels, napkins, reading material and footwear only.

2. Will Soham kitchen serve only vegetarian food?
Daily meals will be vegetarian. However, we shall make non-vegetarian food twice a week, for those who request, in a separate area adjoining our kitchen.

3. Do we have to pay additional fees for using the gym?
No, you don’t.

4. Will we have to pay for Physiotherapy treatment in Soham?
Yes, but the charges will be nominal to offset the reimbursement cost paid to the attending physiotherapist.

5. Can we cook in our room?
No – we will be providing all the meals as well as morning and evening beverages. However, you may bring an electric kettle to make tea or coffee in your room if you desire to have tea more frequently.

6. Will you serve food that’s suitable for a diabetic person?
Yes, we will.

7. Can I bring my personal maid or helper to stay with me in my room?
No. Your needs will be taken care of by our staff.

8. Can I order food through local food delivery services like Swiggy, Zomato etc?
Yes, you can, provided you collect your order from the delivery person at the Lobby and consume the food in your room and not in the common areas.

9. Can I have my meals served in my room instead of the common area?
No, all meals will be served in the dining room. However, if you have been prescribed bed rest for convalescence by our Doctor for a few days, we shall arrange to have food served in your room for that short duration.

10. Can I host a party at Soham?
With prior permission from the Management and confirmation by the kitchen staff you may invite your guests for lunch or dinner. This will be on payment basis as shall be decided by the Management. However, keeping in mind the comfort of our other residents, late night parties will not be allowed.

11. What are the Security arrangements at Soham?
The entire facility is gated with a single entry/exit point which is manned 24/7. In addition, we have electronic surveillance by 65+ CCTV cameras. We also have emergency alarm bells in the toilets as well as at the bedside in the room.

12. Can I buy a room in Soham?
Soham belongs to Women’s Home Trust and we offer only short and long stay options on monthly charges.

13. Is power backup available?

14. How will you refund my security deposit?
All security deposits would be refunded by an account payee cheque drawn in your favour or in that of your nominee within 10 days of settlement of accounts, once the room has been vacated.

15. What happens if I fall ill?
In case of routine seasonal illnesses, we have doctors who will be visiting regularly for consultation. We shall also have a nurse on the premises.
In case of a serious illness we shall take you to the hospital of your choice as mentioned in your records and we shall immediately inform your local guardian and immediate relatives as per the details mentioned in your record.

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